Festival Map Premium Entry


Significantly more revenue and more ticket sales for your festival with an entry on the mushroom Festival Map www.mushroom-magazine.com/festivalmap


  • Reach lots festival freaks daily
  • Your infopage is reachable directly from the festival map and on EVERY page of mushroom-magazine.com
  • The festival infopage is included with multimedia content (pics, video, map, etc)
  • Reach guests from other festivals when they search for festivals
  • Achieve an even better international reputation for the festival
  • Benefit from an attractive price for the Festival Map entry.

After the order please visit THE FESTIVAL MAP FORM to submit your festival info.

If you have no infopage at mushroom-magazine.com yet we need around 1-2 business days to create the infopage with festival entry for you.

If you want to change your festival map entry later please follow this link

  • *Festival Name

    After ordering please visit the FESTIVAL MAP ENTRY FORM to submit your festival data. Since you have entered the festival name above, we can assign the data entered in the form. If you do not send us the festival details, we will contact you to complete the festival entry as soon as possible.

    Promotion Power

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    Select the type of the festival map entry here.
    If you just want to be listed on the Festival Map page, then a Basic Entry is enough.
    With a Premium Entry you are additionally represented on all pages of mushroom-magazine.com, because on every page we list all Premium Entries. This way you ensure a high reach for your festival promotion.

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