Our readers would like to know what the current situation of the worldwide psytrance scene is like in the individual countries. It would be great if you would help us to illuminate the scene of your country and to describe current developments.

The whole thing should be as easy as possible for you. That’s why in this FAQ we’re providing you with a checklist, which you can use as a guideline.

In order for the magazine to be published in March, we have to finish the magazine in February and need the texts by the end of January.

Please contact us immediately if you would like to write a text about your country. Then we can plan better.


  • Biggest changes in the Psytrance Community inside your country of the last 2 years
  • What’s hot, what’s not
  • Festivals (biggest, best, nicest, most psychedelic etc.)
  • Locations (typical, best etc.)
  • What difficulties are there in organising events in your country?
  • Artist (leading DJs and producers of your country, and why?)
  • Labels (leading labels of your country, and why?)
  • What is the most attractive Psytrance music trend in your country?
  • What you like / don’t like most at the festivals/clubs in your country
  • Average prices (festivals/clubs)
  • Special regulations at festivals (e.g. no music or less floors during the night)
  • Are there any internationally less known festivals in your country still worth visiting?
  • Specific highlights on festivals you want to share
  • Best websites to inform about the Psytrance community
  • Best Facebook Pages & Groups
  • Are there police controls at the festivals and how its possible to arrange with these in your country?
  • Laws / drug laws (trends or developments)

Country relevant travel infos:

  • language(s)
  • Currency & exchange rate (relative to EUR/USD)
  • Travel regulations
  • Vaccinations / other health information
If you need further inspiration, just have a look here:
If you scroll down you will find all Trancers Guide issues published so far as PDF files to browse through.


For the printed version of the Trancers Guide we need a text with _____ characters.
Here we mean: Characters including spaces, NOT words.

Each thematic approach in your article should have its own sub-headline.
This will make it easier for the reader to find the online article in Google.

The structure of a Trancers Guide article should be as follows:

Headline (Describe the most interesting feature of your article here)
Introduction (160 characters, also displayed in Google search)

Sub Headline 1
Paragraph 1

Sub Headline 2
Paragraph 2

Sub Headline X
Paragraph X

Please make sure that you include the most important information in the main text with _______ characters.
If you have more to tell, please add additional paragraphs for the online version of the article.

Do not worry. If you don’t follow the specifications exactly, we’ll take care of it editorially.


To present the psytrance scene of your country perfectly, we need great pictures.
Please add only approved pictures to your article.

Please name the pictures according to the following structure:

(rank) – (caption) – (festival) (year) – (photographer).jpg

rank: please number from 1 (most important) to x
caption: tell us what we see on the photo

All further information is probably self-explanatory 🙂

Here is an example for naming a photo:
1 – Mainfloor – Antaris Project 2019 – Johan Klint.jpg

Please remember: The higher the resolution, the better 🙂

If you send many photos, please use

If you have any questions, please check back on this FAQ first, which will be updated constantly.

If you still have questions you can contact Uwe at